Neuromuscular Therapy and Client Assessment Techniques

Neuromuscular Therapy and Client Assessment Techniques

Course Description:

This course is designed for massage therapist professionals to learn about Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Assessment Techniques.   We will discuss the assessment process in gathering information from your clients, develop and enhance visual, postural and palpatory assessment skills in order to development an effective treatment plan for your client.  We will discuss, demonstrate and practice manual therapy techniques associated with Neuromuscular Therapy that will allow you to effectively treat active trigger points, soft tissue conditions and overall dysfunction in the body.  We will use NMT and assessment techniques to assist us in restoring the structural integrity of the body that will positively impact the client’s condition. 

Learning Objectives:
•    Discuss common injuries, postural dysfunctions and conditions massage therapists encounter
•    Identify and discuss movement restrictions due to compensation, trauma and other contributing factors as well as its contribution to dysfunctional patterns in the body
•    Provide a foundation of assessment techniques and tools to prepare a comprehensive and strategic approach to treating the body
•    Demonstrate and introduce effective documentation and recording of assessment data
•    Introduce the use of manual therapy techniques used in NMT bodywork to address myofascial restrictions, trigger points and dysfunction
•    Demonstrate NMT and its integrated techniques in various regions of the body
•    Discuss common and specific conditions in clients and how to effectively treat them with NMT

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